Our Story



Hey there!  My name is Melanie, and I along with my husband Wade, own and operate Meander + Make, a dreamy little online fabric shop specializing in everything a quilter would need.  We are small and every bolt of fabric purchased is hand selected by me.  I'm only offering fabrics I would use and put in my own quilts.  I've organized them by color first and then by designer, manufacturer and then by style.  I hope that you'll find this makes your fabric shopping a bit easier.

Be sure to check out the fabric bundle selection to find custom curated fabric bundles.  I do so love grouping fabrics!

I like to host quilt alongs and gush about quilts often.  If you are interested in following along with me, visit my blog here

Meander + Make is here to serve quilters and want to do so in the best way possible.  If you have feedback or any thoughts at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Hugs and happy sewing!

Melanie + Wade